Monday, July 24, 2006

I Miss, I Miss, I Miss… (Chin Summer 2K6 Remix)

by chinwhat at 10:09 p.m.
I’m enjoying my halo halo outside. Just thinking about stuff… and about all the stuff I really miss. This in turn reminded me of Chris’ “I Miss” post he had on his old website

I miss, I miss, I miss…

- Friday Night Dinner’s (the poor boy version we used to do. Not the “we can afford to eat out now” version…)

- Monday being my favorite day (and night) of the week.

- Waking up at midnight twice a week just so I can tape underground and college radio Hip Hop shows…

- … then listening to those tapes for a whole week on the subway. Not knowing who the artists were, or what the song titles were. Just appreciating the music as is.

- tobogganing

- playing basketball, taping our games, watching our games and counting stats thinking we were cool and shit…

- everyone’s Punk Lists and Respect Lists

- making videos. Adventures of Chin? English OAC presentations? Random JARCK Films? (These needs to be YouTube'd!!)

I miss, I miss, I miss…

- putting on my chef’s jacket and feeling like part of a team. I really miss the comradery…

- … and the creativity of cooking. The artistry. Being really impressed by someone’s work

- hard work. Feeling like I actually *earned* my $11.00 an hour (and then some)

- sleeping without having really fucked up dreams

- the purity of punkage

- caring …

- … and not caring

- “going out”

- that feeling i get whenever i'd see Hawaiian Silk

- wearing my Dennis Rodman Detroit Pistons jersey

>sigh< Missing all this stuff sucks... but i guess it also ain't that bad. I mean, it gets replaced with more fun(ner) stuff... that'll also get missed eventually... then replaced... then missed... (repeat x infinity)


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