Monday, July 10, 2006

While Yalls Was Away at the Wedding...

by chinwhat at 8:25 p.m.
...this is what I did on Saturday:

- took CathyAl’s metro pass (thanks!!) and headed to the Distillery District. As I hopped off the streetcar, I had a hard case flash back to last year’s Great Neighbourhood Race. I walked along the path we ran… or at least, half of us ran. >shakes head in disappointment< Ah Ruby and Al… you couldn’t run and give me the last 500 or so metres? >sigh< that’s okay... redemption this year...

- Was kicking it in one of those fancy pants stores. It was awesome! I wish I had lots of money. They had the fly Adidas Color shoes. I wanted them all! … they also had a really nice picture of John Lennon and Paul McCartney smiling together from the Sgt. Pepper days I think … the best part of the store though was the song they had over the system. When it started, I had a pretty big grin on my face. When the “Rudy” part came on, I was pretty much laughing out loud!!

- Headed over to my favorite Summer time weekend spot: The Harbourfront! This weekend, it was the annual Beats, Breaks and Culture festival. They had a nice Bboy competition. One of the musical guests – Jamie Lidell – had all the hipsters dancing (real funny). Even old wanna be hipsters! (Old as in “Hi, my name is Craig. I used to drop acid a really long time ago. Now, I’m a mid-manager at a bank. See my gray hair?” old) After him was a group called Konono No. 1. Apparently, they’re from the Congo or something. They rocked out pretty good though. Everyone was up and dancing! It looked like everyone was having a good time except one of the guys on stage (the guy in the picture above). To me, he looked like someone’s grandfather who was kinda mad at all the noise the band (which included him) was making. As soon as they were done, he broke the fuck out! I found that funny. At the exact same time, they had fireworks from the Symphony of Fire going on at Ontario Place. I swear, it was like a ginormous party! … canNOT wait for next weekend! It's the Roots:Remix Festival - Capoeira, Jay Douglas and D-Scratch? I know where I'm gonna be. Who wants to come with?


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