Sunday, May 27, 2007

Groupie Love

by chinwhat at 9:51 p.m.

Last long weekend, Ruby and Rahkee offered to take me out to some CBC party. CBC the channel, not 'Canadian Born Chinese' (although i wouldn't of minded going to one of those. AsianFever4Life!) I wasn't really hip to the idea even though Rubes suggested that George Strompoloidjfaldous would be there. ">shrug<" i replied until she said it was 'free.' "Free? that's my kind of price point!"

So they come and pick me up and we head downtown to (forget name of place) and it seems like a nice little chill spot near The Annex. We grab a seat near the front and they have a nice little spread of free snacks. Samosas, some cruditae and potato crab cakes. All free! Yesssssss!

Then they mentioned it was someone's birthday. And with birthday comes birthday cake. FREE birthday cake! Yessss!

What I learned that night:
- Rahkee is a groupie for this band called Zameer.

- I still don't get the cake (pictured): Although i figured out that the name of the celebrant was Khan (that and they mentioned it), no, he wasn't the drummer and no, the group's name wasn't Kahn-un-drum

- the cake was DELICIOUS!!

- Khan and the lead singer for Zameer love GunsNRoses. They did a couple covers and it r0x0rz!

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