Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You Have Been Cordially Invited

by chinwhat at 11:58 p.m.
If you’re reading this, then YOU my friend are invited! Wednesday marks the first time Shaun’s TechDizzle Microchips vs. My Pay-Teon Panthers meet in our softball beer league. In the preseason, even before Shaun’s company had a team, him and his cronies decide to run some smack on me:

Shaun: See that? MEGABYTES son. Expect to get owned.

Me: Maybe, but we’ve had our second practice yesterday

Shaun: Laugh. If our stars play .. you guys are done.
Think about it. Just think about it.
TD peeps: This guy thinks he can beat us!

Dustin K: I will Mange on Maningas.
I predict I will strike him out too!

Kevin G: I drink. I drink lots and try to eat at least 1 bag of chips a night.
Think I'm scared?!
I will out run all those "in shape" cats with a smoke in my mouth.


As any sports person knows, you NEVER give the other team something to tack onto their cork board. You think I forgot about these emails? I’ve had this date circled on my calendar, son!

Tale of the Tape – League standings as of last week:

Games played: 9
Wins: 2
Loses: 5
Ties: 2 (we tied the second best team in our division twice)
Avg Runs per game: 9.9
Runs For: 89
Runs Against: 96

Games played: 7
Wins: 0
Loses: 7
Ties: 0
Avg Runs per game: 2.6
Runs For: 18
Runs Against: 119

I cannot wait until tomorrow night.

Time: 9:15. At the South Common diamonds - the smaller of the two. To get there, you’re heading west on Burnhamthorpe away from Square One towards South Common Mall. Go past ErinMills. After one or two lights, you’ll see Layola HighShool on your left. Go in there. The diamond is right besides the church on the other side of the portables. If you’re on Burnhamthorpe and pass Glenn Erin, you’ve missed it.


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