Sunday, February 12, 2006

(P)RC Sp(O)nsored (T)ables of (L)(U)n(C)hy (K)nowledge

by chinwhat at 3:32 p.m.
On Friday lunch, I sat at one of the bigger tables with a couple of the guys from some other department. About fifteen minutes in, the chemists from all the labs came in and started laying bowls and bowls of food all over the place. Pot luck! I’d say a good 90% of the chemists are Chinese, so they all brought Chinese food, naturally. As I sat there with my crappy mesclun greens and crappy chicken salad sandwich, I watched with envy as they all laughed while picking at the bowls. Me, working the position I’m in, was lucky enough to know a lot of them and they kept prompting me to try some. And boy, did I! I wrapped up what was left of my chicken sandwich and grabbed some food. This was the realest Chinese food I’ve ever had! No chicken balls here son! Later on that afternoon, I reached home and tossed my half eaten sandwich into the garbage. Then I felt really guilty. There are people in the world that would kill for that! So I opened up the garbage lid again and picked out my *STILL WRAPPED* sandwich. As I ate the room temperature mix of mayo and chicken on a bun, I started to laugh after thinking about George Costanza eating that éclair he plucked out of the trash. Laugh, I suck!

And speaking of food, favorite Friday quote goes to Cathy. Somehow we started talking about what she eats when her husband’s away on business and she drops: “(when he’s away) I eat cake for dinner!” Laugh! All I could picture was her diving into a cake with a big spoon and pasta fork/ladle a la Bill Cosby.


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chinese food is fit for peasants

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