Friday, October 05, 2007

Attack of the Cute Art Girls Pt 2 (aka Nuit Blanche 2K7) Picture Remix

by chinwhat at 4:08 a.m.
My quick take/experience:

- waking up at 10:00pm tired as d’hell from an all day softball tourney. I really didn’t want to go. My body said ‘no’ but my stubbornness said ‘yes’. This kinda reminded me of LasVegas when Shaun came back to the hotel room at Xo’clock in the morning and said to Al & I “I thought you guys were going out?” “We are” >got out of bed and left until the sun came up<

- way more people this year which was cool. That means it’ll be even better next year, right? I read in The Star that the TTC wasn’t ready for the amount of people that came out. pwnd1

- favorite exhibit: there was a video camera set up pointing to a stage where people can go up and get themselves projected onto a giant screen. In the background of the screen was the episode of The Simpsons with the Ten Commandments in the beginning. Techno music was being played in the background. It was funny watching people watch themselves on the big screen dance funny and make funny faces.

- Best surprise: I wound up walking through UofT’s Hart House, not really planning to check it out. they had a bunch of kick ass things there but the best was this “Dance w/the Professor” thing. I walked into the room and people were slow dancing to Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” Wicked!!

- LowerBay subway station was cool

- Notable: there was an exhibit that showed that old nuclear video w/the house getting blown up. You know that one? That footage you’d see in a Rage Against The Machine music video. They had an *old* map of Toronto from 1950something. I looked up Mississauga and my area. It was called Fairview Heights and only had Fairview Road, Palgrave and Joan Drive. That was it! No Central Pkwy, no Confederation, nothing! Just that and Hurontario!

- LOTS of cute art girls this year. Way more than last year. I think I fell in love with the art person at Queen’s Park. She had nice black hair, and was dressed nice. And she likes art! I think she was mixed… I couldn’t tell her background. Anyways, that exhibit was alright. A person would write something on some paper and it would be projected onto a big screen. Then there were a couple of people who’d translate whatever was written into a couple different languages. When I got there, some guy was writing about how he’s a guitarist and is needs money or something. It was funny. All was cool until some random chick came up next and started to write “The light began to shine through the leaves of sycamore tree…” I was like “What the fuck is this? GTFOOHWTHBS!” and I walked away.

All in all, a great time. I don’t think I’ll be making it into Torontoist this year due to my lateness of this post, hahahaha, but who knows… Can’t wait for next year! (pics next post cuz of stupid Interweb errors!)


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